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EECC Workshop / Nachwuchsförderung durch BALANCE

Academic conversation successfully ignited at the 1st EECC – Euram Early Career Consortium, that took place from 27th-29th January 2010 in Nuremberg. Peter McKiernan, president of Euram, and Kathrin Möslein, vice president of Euram offered a workshop, dedicated to young academics and developed strategies to better connect research scholars across Europe.
Focusing on “open research: innovation and cooperation”, the central outcome of the first meeting in Nuremberg is a concept of offline and online activities which foster (a) transparency of the community towards young academics and (b) interaction among young academics in multiple ways. The Participants of the workshop proposed a three-stage process for online activities and ongoing offline activities based on EECC workshops and an EECC meeting at the annual EURAM conference. The results were immediately put into practice and helped to initiate research projects.
The meeting was supported by the Balance project, funded by the German ministry of education and research.


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